Tracing Maps presents a series of original Fine Art Prints captured in various locations around the globe by photographers and Pampa co-founders, Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson.

With a focus on remarkable scenes, intimate moments and vivid landscapes, Tracing Maps aims to communicate a sense of place. Visual storytelling and documentary style photography is used to inspire the global community to connect with our environment—and to unite different parts of the world through a shared visual language.

Victoria and Carl – from Argentina and Australia respectively – met through a shared love of photography, travelling, and exploring the outdoors. Tracing Maps is their way of combining these passions.


In 2013, we launched PAMPA, partnering with artisan groups in Argentina and travelling across the country to source artisanal rugs, woven in remote communities using traditional techniques. From humble beginnings, our range has expanded to include woven throws, cushion covers and objects handmade by artisans all over Argentina and in other parts of South America and these are now found in homes all over the globe. As PAMPA continues to grow, we remain as true as ever to our core values, ensuring all our homewares are ethically made and fairly traded through our direct artisan partnerships. PAMPA also offers a series of Fine Art Prints, captures of the vivid landscapes and quiet moments our team encounters on their travels, inspired by connections to Argentina's cultural and environmental heritage.

In 2018, we launched TRACING MAPS, our second project, and in a way, the sister brand to PAMPA. Our shared love of exploring new places and capturing what we encountered with our cameras has encouraged us to create a new platform to share these visual stories with our community. It's an every growing collection, and one that travels from the desert in Joshua Tree, to Mexico and beyond.

We hope you enjoy them, Victoria & Carl.